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Heating Fans & Heating Blowers

11/22/2016 7:16 PM

As the autumn turns into winter, there are a large variety of fans each with different applications; ranging from ensuring proper ventilation, improving climatic conditions and keeping you warm. There are a wide array of Heating Fans one can use, each with their own unique set of benefits for different applications.  



Portable Electric Heaters are heavy-duty fan forced heaters which generate warmth through a central heating element that is housed in a reflective enclosure that concentrates the energy produced. While the features vary depending on manufacturer and model type, most provide steady, energy efficient radiant heat appropriate for the heating of small rooms and work areas. While each make and model is different, most heaters include a thermostat for adjustable temperature control, can operate to provide air circulation without heat, include a tip-over switch to disable the heater in case of an accident and a thermal cutoff device for safety.


For machine shops and commercial garages, one can use Wall-mounted Heaters with pivot action for heater rotation. These heaters are generally portable and they include energized and overheat alarm pilot lights and a manual reset limit control. For larger areas that require high output with industrial grade heating, one can use Portable Electric Blower Heaters. Blower Heaters operate on single and three phases, are safe to operate in unattended areas, can be mounted on ceilings and/or walls and have the added benefit of being able to be used as a cooling fan for the summer.

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There are a diverse type of industrial fans that can be used in commercial businesses. The main objective of fans is to improve ventilation in the location and to maintain an ideal ambient temperature range throughout the year. However, given that commercial businesses have different needs and requirements than, for example, a manufacturing plant, compressor room or poultry farm, we have outlined some specific products for these types of applications.


 Source: http://www.mcknightgroup.com/blog2/church-building-spaces-that-make-a-great-first-impression-the-worship-space/

For instance, noise-reduction Wall-mounted fans and Pedestal Fans that are specifically designed to operate quietly are ideal for churches, schools and dormitories.  These products do not produce a significant amount of background noise which can be found to be disruptive in businesses that require quieter environments.  Roof Exhausters are also ideal for churches, schools and dormitories as they assist in expelling air from all types of buildings to ensure proper ventilation. Depending on the make and model, some of these devices are engineered with curved blade design for more CFM per HP and lower sound levels.



Source: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/322711129525518955/

 In addition to the types of fans listed above, Cross-Fit Facilities and Gyms also can benefit from Sidewall Exhaust Fans and Ceiling Belt Drive Circulation Fans to help circulate hot, humid and stagnant air. Long Blade HVLS Ceiling Fans with blades ranging from 10 – 24 feet in length are a more expensive product however, their efficiency at circulating air is unprecedented.  Prior to making the investment one should check to ensure that their ceiling is structurally capable of supporting the weight on these fans.  Additionally, Work Station Fans, Floor Circulators and Ceiling Drum Fans and Truck Dock Fans are great at concentrating  ventilation in one specific area of the Gym, for instance, a piece of aerobic equipment.

In addition to benefiting from the all the industrial fans listed in this article, Restaurants with Patios can use Misting Fans to help maintain an ideal ambient temperature for patrons and employees alike.  Furthermore, restaurant owners can choose from either stationary or mobile misting fans depending on their establishment’s specific needs. 


Source: www.aeromist.com

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Posted By Josh Brown

Confined Space Ventilation Solutions

Mechanical ventilation is a method of artificial ventilation to supply and remove air from an indoor space using mechanical systems. Mechanical ventilators typically require power by a battery or a wall outlet (DC or AC). The ventilation in an enclosed area depends on a variety of factors, including but not limited to:

  • Building location and orientation
  • Building form and dimensions
  • Indoor partitions and layout
  • Window typologies, operation, location, and shapes
  • Other aperture types
  • Construction methods and detailing (infiltration)


Photo: http://greatbasinsafety.com/

Depending on the application and requirements, a number of different confined space fans exist to improve ventilation and ambient temperatures in confined spaces. For heavy industry applications (Mining, Oil & Gas, Construction, Demolition, Utility, Paper Mill, Shipyard, Power Station, Tank Purging or Manufacturing), Exhaust Fans specifically designed for small spaces are ideal. One should always consult with your company’s respective engineering department to determine if the ventilator should be rated explosion proof and meets the specific area’s strict hazardous space standards.

Posted By Josh Brown

The Food and Beverage Industry is a diverse, multi-billion dollar industry. In order to ensure proper ventilation, temperature controls and productivity levels, there is a diverse subset of industrial fans Food & Beverage business owners can choose from.

Source: PCI.org

For individuals that own and operate Cattle, Swine, Dairy or Poultry Farms, Mobile Misting Fans are ideal. Not only do they help keep animals cool for hours on end, they are certain models which are portable and can be relocated to different sections of the facility. Wash Down Fans are ideal in environments that require regular cleaning and maintenance and they come in a variety of sizes depending on the dimensions of the facility as well as can be stationary or have rotating heads. Exhaust Fans work to ensure proper ventilation, ideal temperature ranges and works to remove polluted air. Vertical Re-Circulation Fans work to control the humidity levels in barns.


Source: youtube-downloader-mp3.com


Fish Farms require a different group of products to ensure maximum productivity levels. Regenerative Blowers are low-pressure, high volume blowers that generate airflow used for high vacuum or compressed air applications. The blower provides powerful air force without undue friction.

Bakeries and Food Processing companies can utilize an array of industrial fans to ensure optimum production levels and environments for workers. In addition to some of the fans aforementioned in this blog, Bakeries and Food Processing companies can use Dust Collectors to ensure a tidy working environment and Portable Air Conditioning Units. Inline Fans are ideal to ensure proper ventilation in large warehouses that require proper and consistent airflow.

Source: agrobusinessng.com


v-Fans.us has a wide array of Industrial Fans for a diverse number of businesses in the Food and Beverage Industry

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Posted By Josh Brown


As the spring turns into summer, there are a large variety of fans each with different applications; ranging from ensuring proper ventilation, improving climatic conditions and keeping you cool.

Blowing a fine mist of water into the air, Misting Fans are effective for a wide range of indoor and outdoor environments, including but not limited to patios, garages, event hospitality, BBQ parties and sporting events. The water evaporates absorbing heat from the air, which allows the fan to work as an effective cooling system. Misting fans can be either portable or stationary, depending on the application requirements.



Pedestal Fans are sold for both industrial and commercial purposes. These types of fans are elevated on a 4-6 foot stand to improve circulation and generally oscillate and have multiple speeds. The majority of Pedestal Fans are used for indoor applications. Portable Fans are lightweight and designed to be easily transported.


There are a large variety of Wall Fans ranging from Wall Mount Fans, Garage Ventilation Kits, Sidewall Fans and Wash Down Fans.   Outdoor Wall Mount Fans are ideal for providing general cooling and circulation in open areas that have poor air circulation and/or highly occupied.  Wall Mount Fans can be either oscillating or non-oscillating. Prior to purchasing a Wall Mount Fan, one should carefully measure the space available and any overhands to ensure proper spacing taking into consideration the length of the wall bracket.

Garage Ventilation Kits and Sidewall Fans are used whenever hot or contaminated air needs to be removed and fresh air needs to be supplied to an enclosed area.  These fan types are a low-cost air circulation system for garages, factories, warehouses, greenhouses and farms, especially during the long summer months.  For harsh, high moisture and/or corrosive environments (e.g. Farms, Barns, etc.) heavy-duty stainless steel Wash Down Fans are ideal. These air circulators increase productivity and improve work area safety.  

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Posted By Josh Brown

Greenhouse Fans

6/2/2016 7:58 PM

Industrial fans for Greenhouses       


It is critical to ensure that you maintain your greenhouse within a certain temperature range throughout the year. In addition to the material used to construct the greenhouse, shade, evaporative cooling systems, the structure’s design and the local climatic conditions, industrial fans are critical for two of the most important requirements: fresh air and cooling the greenhouse.

Source: WiseGeek.com

Source: WiseGeek

If the ventilation system is not properly designed, it will be very challenging to ensure the proper ambient temperature inside the greenhouse. Each component of the ventilation system should have unique and specific objectives. For instance, ceiling fans are ideal for heating the environment in the winter and cooling it in the summer months. Ceiling fans also help eliminate condensation.


 Source: HortiDaily.com

Exhaust fans blow hot, stagnant air out of the greenhouse and bring fresh, cooler air inside via intake shutters.  The exhaust fans help reduce plant and worker heat stress and lead to increased productivity, quality and profitability for your business. Depending on the size of the greenhouse, it is recommended that an exhaust fan system should be able to change the air in the greenhouse in 1 to 3 minutes.  The intake shutters allow fresh air to enter the structure ensuring proper levels of carbon dioxide required by plants to create a healthier and more productive growing environment. Louvers are also effective to vent during cooler months as they can be carefully adjusted to minimize temperature ‘shock’ to plants.

Greenhouse 3 -Weiku

Source: Weiku.com

Heating requirements vary significantly however, if you require the greenhouse to be a few degrees above the outside temperature at night, heat fans and heating blowers are the often the most commonly used products.   Recirculation fans help move the hotter air in the ceiling of the greenhouse to the plant level while maintaining a consistent temperature while increasing the efficiency of the heating system.

To ensure the ideal climatic conditions and ventilation system one must carefully select from the large and diverse subset of fans specifically designed for hydroponic fodder systems and greenhouses. 

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